Sample Pack – SY 35 Drumkit

I’ve had a Yamaha SY-35 for a few years now, I originally wanted it as a big, cheap master keyboard with some interesting sounds as a bonus. It’s worked fantastically in that role, but it’s coming time to pass it along. One of my favorite sounds on it has been its ‘drumkit’ patch – a …


LXR Custom Firmware – Tutorials

For the past few years, I’ve been plugging away at updating the code of the sonic-potions LXR Drum Machine, a versatile digital drum synth with a powerful sequencer that is both open-source and open-hardware. The updated firmware (available here, and hosted on GitHub here), aims to expand what can be done with the LXR, without …

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10 June 2015 – Live Set @ Esc Collective

On 10 June, 2015 Southampton’s Esc Collective held their end-of-year festival ‘Escape to the Country’. Netley Chapel and the surrounding Royal Victoria Park in Southampton provided an inspiring setting to relax, listen to great music, and of course dance! My gratitude goes out to everyone who helped make the event possible – and to everyone …


Arduino Based MIDI Sequencer

I’ve programmed a sequencer for the Arduino microcontroller platform, designed to be used with the Sparkfun MIDI Shield. The sequencer combines an arpeggiating sequencer like that found on the Access Virus with a transposable recording sequencer, similar to the one on the Roland SH-101. get it here. I make fairly extensive use of MIDI in …


Arduino Based ‘MIDI Suspender’

This sketch requires 47effects’ Arduino MIDI library here. I’ve tested it with version 4.1. More stuff to come, the code is here for now. This project was made and tested with the Sparkfun MIDI Shield, but should be straightforward to adapt to other MIDI board designs. Made with Arduino 1.0.5.


Button Pad Sequencer – LED Fade Test

Here’s a brief update on a standalone MIDI sequencer I’m working on – the 4×16 grid of tri-color buttons is finished, and allows for 12-bit color fading. It looks very pretty to see in action, and I can’t think of any button controller out there at the moment that can do this. If the above …

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MIDI Controller Projects

Being back home for the holidays, its fun digging up old projects! Here are a couple of arduino based MIDI controllers I built about 2009-2010. I wanted something really basic – a MIDI controller based around a couple of faders I could assign freely to things like volume control. I wanted to add to that …


Stanton SCS-3D Standalone Driver

This is a standalone driver I wrote (patched? whats the verb for Max/Msp?) for Stanton’s SCS-3D DJ interface, notoriously called ‘DaScratch.’  It’s designed to expand the number of faders you can control with it, at the expense of the ‘scratching’ surface. Download:SCS3D Driver (Mac) I picked up the SCS-3D because I wanted something simple and …