Brendan Clarke is currently a ful time PhD Researcher in Photonics and Metamaterials at the University of Southampton. A former recording engineer and technical director of KMA Music, New York, his interests includeI Physics, Engineering, and Music Technology.

He occasionally performs electronic music live in the Southampton area. Music and videos are available:




He can be contacted directly via email at ‘bc’ at this website.

Thanks for visiting the site and feel free to get in touch!

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  1. Terence Goodchild says:

    hey, i´m working in a similar project as you did with the midi shield.
    i would need some help with that. well i might have a little budget for that. let me know if you´re interested.

  2. camoz says:


    i found your website an your videos on youtube. great stuff!
    one question, sir: how do you connect and midi sync the lxr and the mpc?


    • Hi!
      Glad you enjoyed them :) The MPC is acting as the MIDI master and the LXR is slaved. The LXR has to be set to BPM 0 and the rx filter has to be set to something with an ‘R’ in it (for realtime). The MPC I think has to be set to ‘Master’ in the ‘Sync’ options. They can be directly connected, but I tend to run things through a MOTU micro express – a huge headache saver for MIDI – when I’m at home. The MPC1000 is a great sampler/sequencer for sure! I’ve switched to an Octatrack for now, but the decision was almost entirely based on it having more audio inputs :D. Not that I’m complaining about the other stuff though!

  3. Jean-Sebastien Nicol says:

    Hi!!! I enjoy the 0.37 firware a lot!! Does the 0.37 works with Bastl’s 60 Knobs? Thanx!!

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