Sample Pack – SY 35 Drumkit


I’ve had a Yamaha SY-35 for a few years now, I originally wanted it as a big, cheap master keyboard with some interesting sounds as a bonus. It’s worked fantastically in that role, but it’s coming time to pass it along. One of my favorite sounds on it has been its ‘drumkit’ patch – a quirky, retro-90’s collection of AWM samples. I figured it was worth keeping around, so I’ve turned it into a sample pack!

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There are three ‘flavors’ – the raw sounds straight out of the keyboard, a set of the samples ‘cooked’ by running them through my DSI Evolver, and a set with both the distortion treatment and a little spring reverb to dress them up. The Evolver was set for distortion, a little bitcrushing, and some 2 pole lowpass with envelope follower on the cutoff to trim the highs a bit.

All the samples are provided with a mono mixdown as well, and there are “Octatrack-ready” files with all the sounds padded with silence so that they’re evenly spaced. The idea is, you can use them all on one sample slot in the Octatrack with minimal setup – just create a slice grid with 64 slices and all the sounds will be good to go with the default spacing.

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