Live Performance with New LXR Firmware and Waldorf Rocket

A short weekend knob-twiddling session putting aside the Octatrack and doing all of the sequencing just from the LXR drum machine.

I’ve just gotten a Waldorf Rocket for some instant-gratification analog filtering. This is mostly used to filter-envelope DRUM 1 from the LXR to make the bass, but some of the Waldorf oscillator gets mixed in there too. It’s a great way to add some interest to the oscillator structure of the Rocket.

I tried to do a pad-type sound with DRUM 2, that changes with the LXR’s ‘Morph’ control. This and some of the stab sounds – made by abusing the FM on the cymbal track – are also controlled with the ‘Macro’ controls I’ve just programmed in.

The Snare and Cymbal tracks also use ‘kit locks’ – where these parts can be changed to a sound from another drum kit with sequencer automation.

I also use a ‘transpose function’ I’ve programmed in to change the character of the hihats, and the notes played by the bass.

Download Track


If you have an LXR, you can flash it with my firmware and kits, to load the track, select performance 19 (‘Xotrop’).

LXR – Full Card Image


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